Honesty Pill

Improve faster
Perform better
Achieve your goals

Honesty Pill is a community of musicians
helping one another achieve greater success
and mastery of their craft.

Find out what's holding you back
so you can take your playing to the next level.

Efficient, effective practice is the only path to improvement. Figure out WHAT and HOW to practice. Learn to do more in less time, and learn how to get better faster.

Great performers aren’t born, they’re trained. Master the mental techniques and tools you need to become a consistent, confident performer.

Auditions aren’t performances, they’re elaborate obstacle courses requiring specialized training. Learn how to face the obstacle course and win.

Why do YOU need Honesty Pill?

Honesty Pill is an online resource that helps people teach themselves to be better musicians. 

I chose the name “Honesty Pill” in reaction to a common issue with performers and artists—people are afraid to take a close look at what they’re doing wrong, even if they desperately want to succeed. My goal is to help people to tackle their issues, so they can achieve their goals. I like to call my approach “swallowing the Honesty Pill.”

I offer practical courses, informative articles, and activities to help you ditch your excuses and really improve.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Is it a Megaphone Choir? A Bevy of Bullhorns? An Assembly of Amplifiers? But seriously…what the heck is this stuff doing backstage at Walt Disney Concert Hall? One of the things I love about my orchestra is the willingness to take chances. To try something completely new that no one has ever done before. Like these bizarre contraptions. Designed for a new

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Is that a career or a straight-jacket?

Is that a career or a straight-jacket? Until I created Honesty Pill, I spent my whole professional life trying to check the right boxes. I needed the right instrument. I needed the right knowledge. I needed the right concert clothes. Most of all, I needed the right kind of artistry.  I’ve also been a freelancer, which is supposed to be more

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Can I suggest something radical?

Can I suggest something radical? At some point in time, you will look back on this period in your life and instead of complaining and feeling frustrated, you will feel gratitude. Gratitude because you will understand that the challenges 2020 presented to you generated a hunger that resulted in you taking action. Taking a big leap. Doing something that surprised

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