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Improve faster
Perform better
Achieve your goals

Honesty Pill is a community of musicians
helping one another achieve greater success
and mastery of their craft.

Find out what's holding you back
so you can take your playing to the next level.

Practice effectively

Efficient, effective practice is the only path to improvement. Figure out WHAT and HOW to practice. Learn to do more in less time, and learn how to get better faster.

Beat performance anxiety

Great performers aren’t born, they’re trained. Master the mental techniques and tools you need to become a consistent, confident performer.

Learn audition strategy

Auditions aren’t performances, they’re elaborate obstacle courses requiring specialized training. Learn how to face the obstacle course and win.

Find out why you need the Honesty Pill

Honesty Pill is an online resource that helps people teach themselves to be better musicians. I like to talk about auditions a lot because they require such complicated and focused effort, and because those same techniques apply to all areas of musical performance and practice.

I chose the name “Honesty Pill” in reaction to a common issue with performers and artists—people are afraid to take a close look at what they’re doing wrong, even if they desperately want to succeed. My goal is to help people to tackle their issues, so they can achieve their goals. I like to call my approach “swallowing the Honesty Pill.”

I offer practical courses, informative articles, and activities to help you ditch your excuses and really improve.

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How to Improve Your Time: A Metronome Survival Guide

You probably have a metronome sitting in your practice room right now. Or maybe you have one of those fancy apps on your phone that has a million features. But are you actually getting the most out of your metronome? Do you really know how to use it?   If your metronome practice looks anything like this… Turn metronome on

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How Do You Eat An Elephant? Breaking Down Big Goals

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It seems like every time I get to the end of my To Do list, somebody moves the ends. Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. I just sent this to a few of my students who were getting bogged down in their course work, but I want to

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How many mock auditions is “enough”?

How many mock auditions is “enough”? The best audition advice I’ve ever gotten? Take as many MOCK AUDITIONS as you possibly can. #practicetiptuesday ____Walking on stage for an audition without taking a ton of mock auditions first, is like trying to fly a plane without having ever set foot in a flight simulator. It’s a bad idea. The question is, how many mock

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Preparing for an Orchestra Audition is a Lot Like Training for a Marathon

Preparing for an Orchestra Audition is a Lot Like Training for a Marathon If you only had eight weeks to prepare, what would you rather do––run a complete, 26.2-mile regulation-length marathon, or take an orchestra audition? I think I know which one most rational people would choose, right? I mean, one of these events is a super intense, completely unnatural,

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