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Why Does Branding Matter?

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What does Honesty Pill Coaching have in common with the Lardon Bacon Truck? And why does branding matter? 
Let’s find out…🥓
Let’s say you have a business that specializes in infusing just about EVERYTHING they serve with…bacon.
  • Bacon pancakes with bacon bourbon maple syrup
  • brioche French toast sandwiches with slices of bacon
  • and something they call “The Baco”, a ball of potatoes and cheddar, wrapped in a bacon shell, served with a horseradish bacon sour cream.
Drooling yet? 😋
Here’s the problem. Even if you have a truck that delivers over-the-top-bacon-decadence right to your mouth, if nobody KNOWS about you, nobody will BUY your stuff.
So the owners of the Lardon Truck made a really smart move––they hired Los Angeles based designer Helen Kim of The Think Farm and embarked on a complete rebranding.
The truck got a bacon-themed design, updated menus, brand new website––totally new brand identity and signage.
Yup. It sure looks nice, but the real power is in the CLEAR MESSAGING.
People know instantly what the Lardon Truck is all about the second they see it––that’s the BLINK TEST in action.
(Fun fact, The Think Farm did all of the branding for Honesty Pill too…so if you like that sweet metronome beater in my logo you can thank Helen!)
How’s YOUR brand identity?
Do people know what you are all about when they see your posts? Read you emails? Visit your website?
It would be awesome if we all had a product as universally understood as bacon, but odds are you’re going to have to put some thought into your branding and messaging.
You can see Helen’s other epic work at www.thethinkfarm.com, and you can even have Helen build you a completely branded website as part of the Honesty Pill Online Business Accelerator.
More info right here:
OK. I’m off to locate that bacon truck…wanna meet me there?
Chris @ Honesty Pill

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Why Does Branding Matter?

What does Honesty Pill Coaching have in common with the Lardon Bacon Truck? And why does branding matter?  Let’s find out… Let’s say you

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