If you have what it takes to put in 10,000 hours in the practice room, you have what it takes to be successful online.

You have the ability to focus and avoid distraction.

You have the discipline to see tasks through to the end.

Your creativity allows you to see opportunity and new paths.

You know how to set goals and get things done.

You have valuable skills that can improve others' lives.

Interested in learning more? 

If you have what it takes to put in 10,000 hours in the practice room, you have what it takes to be successful online.

You have the ability to focus and avoid distraction.

You have the discipline to see tasks through to the end.

Your creativity allows you to see opportunity and new paths.

You know how to set goals and get things done.

You have valuable skills that can improve others' lives.

Interested in learning more? 

What's your Superpower?

Remember that one thing that people always tell you you’re really good at?

Maybe it’s audition coaching, teaching a specific method book, or showing high school students how to play string quartets.

Think of that special skill as your superpower. When you figure out how to bring that skill online, you can find your perfect audience and help them in ways you never dreamed of.

It's not easy, but you are more than capable. And there's never been a better time to start than right now.

Christopher Still invites you to join:

Online Business Accelerator

4-month program, July 6th through October 26th, 2020

Participants receive branding consultation, logo design, and complete website build.

by application only – payment plan available – enrollment limited

My expectation is that this program will fill, so book your call now.

If you're suddenly adrift without a plan...

If you have something to share, but you don't know how to get started...

If you've tried working online, but it isn't working out...

If you want to be able to control and grow your income...

read on.

Waiting for the phone to ring is no way to live.

Does your artistic expression depend on circumstances beyond your control?

Does someone else call the shots about your career?

Is your personal life at the mercy of someone else's schedule?

Do you enjoy the company of the people you work with? The people you sit next to?

Do you have the freedom to take a day off? Can you take a vacation? Do you feel confident you will be able to retire?

You're the expert, but are you the one in control of your career?

You’re capable of more than just playing your instrument.

You know that thing people always say you’re really good at? Well, that thing is your opportunity to create an online business. By taking your thing online, you can find your ideal audience and help them in ways you never imagined.

What if you could suddenly...

Choose how and where you worked?

Only work with people who are the perfect fit for you, instead of being limited to ones nearby?

Reach your ideal audience, no matter where they lived?

Create the schedule that works for you and your family?

Choose your coworkers, collaborators, and employees?

Spend most of your time on the material you love best?

Increase your income without having to increase the number of hours you work?

Feel truly fulfilled in your work and art, knowing that you're working to your highest potential?

Meet your team

Christopher Still

Founder, Honesty Pill

Christopher Still is a trumpet player with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Originally, he founded Honesty Pill to help him reach the students who would most benefit from his advice, no matter where they lived. Two years later, he has mastered the ins and outs of online business for musicians, and enjoys helping his musician colleagues create more satisfying, profitable careers.

Amanda McIntosh

Founder, Take My Face Off

Amanda McIntosh is a clarinet player-turned-entrepreneur. Her company, Take My Face Off, creates environmentally friendly alternatives to face wipes and cotton balls. Her products have been sold in some of the world’s best stores and have been recognized by most major women’s publications. Amanda loves helping fellow entrepreneurs turn their ideas into profit.

"The perfect powerhouse blend of organization and creativity!"

"I have been working with Chris and Amanda to get my business online, because they are the perfect powerhouse blend of organization and creativity! In addition to helping me develop systems for my business, they encourage me to stretch beyond my own perceived limitations. I’ve found their feedback invaluable to the creation of my nutrition programs for people in the performing arts. Especially at this time, when we all need to get creative about how we can take charge of our careers -- if you want to learn how to make it happen, you’ll want to sign up for this program!"

Stephanie Thompson

Functional Nutrition Coach, Founder of "Well Well Well Nutrition"

Most musicians don't understand their options.

There are many ways to reach an audience and earn income.

Traditional teaching and performing are not the only paths.

When I started my business, I had a steep learning curve.

It took me TWO YEARS to learn the ropes. But with the right information, you could do it in 16 weeks.

Why 16 weeks?

16 weeks is the length of my new program, the Online Business Accelerator. It will give a select group of motivated entrepreneurs a functioning, branded website and the pillars of their new business.

When I started, I didn't have much guidance. I did everything the hard way. I can help you skip to the "good stuff," but there's still a lot to learn, plan, and build.

"I've only just begun, but I know for sure that this will yield great results."

"Before working with Chris, I constantly struggled with time management and I felt like my days were getting away from me. I was in a never-ending cycle of procrastination and anxiety. Putting his systems in place has really helped me get my bearings. Physically writing out my day helps me visualize and internalize my goals, in many ways showing me the path to accomplishing them. Having freed up all that mental bandwidth, I am able to focus and get more done. I've only just begun, but I know for sure that this will yield great results. I'm excited to see what the future has in store!"

Eddie Meneses

Accelerator Client, Principal Percussion- Santa Barbara Symphony

What will you get out of the Online Business Accelerator? Here are the four pillars.

Your Superpower

What do you have to offer? Who do you want to serve? How will this create income?

Your People

Finding your audience. Proving your expertise. Learning to love social media.

Making it Work

Your new tech (website, scheduling apps, etc.) How to process payments. How to host and deliver content.

Ready , Set, Launch!

Going live (with training wheels). Support for problems, mistakes. Learning to make it work on your own.

"I am starting to believe that I can be a leader in my field."

"Chris’s passion for coaching is apparent in his dedication to his clients and his thoughtfully designed course materials. Thanks to him, I am learning how to manage my time more efficiently, and seeing how I can embrace the unknown. Beyond that, I am starting to believe that I can be a leader in my field. Since our thoughts become our reality, then I am forever grateful that Chris is helping me become a better thinker."

Katie Velasquez

Accelerator Client, Co-Founder of "The Band Director's Survival Guide"

Course Elements

We’ll have weekly deep dive meetings covering topics like:

  • Translating your superpowers into a profitable business—most musicians feel guilty about the need to earn a living wage. They often settle for business models that undervalue their expertise and time. I love helping my clients find ways they can better serve their audiences while making a real living.
  • Branding—everyone has a brand, whether they understand this or not. Your brand influences the emotional, unconscious decisions everyone makes about you. You need to understand how to make your branding work for you. If you don’t understand this, I can guarantee it’s working AGAINST you.
  • Mental blocks standing between you and launching your business—musicians always tell me they wouldn’t know how to start a business. But I can say with authority, musicians have exactly the right skillset to launch a business. If you think you can’t, you won’t. I’ll help you get out of your own way in time for launch.
  • Marketing—one of the benefits of being online is that your target market just increased by thousands and thousands of people! That said, they need to be able to find you, and different audiences require different marketing strategies. We’ll discuss how to “put out the bat signal” to attract the right clients. This includes social media (lots of discussion of social media!), landing pages, how to use email as a tool, and more.
  • Pricing—I don’t know many musicians who understand pricing strategy. There’s a science and an art to how to price your work, and it’s critical to get this right in order to attract your ideal client. We’ll help you get past your mental blocks to find the right pricing strategy for your business model.
  • The tools—by its nature, and online business involves technology. I’ve tried a lot of the tools out there, and I can help you find the most efficient, cost-effective, and powerful ones for your specific business.

Website/Logo Creation

One of the main deliverables is a new website and logo. Customized websites usually cost between $5,000-15,000. Such websites are usually powerful but are often created on complicated platforms that are hard for non-experts to tweak. This means you would have to pay the developer for every single change in the future.

Most of the musicians I know have websites that function as detailed business cards. They have an “about” page, a contact form, and maybe a performance calendar. But they don’t have a way to deliver any content or process payments.

I’m partnering with the wonderful web developer and branding expert for this project. We will create your websites on a platform that is flexible but very easy for you to use and change. In addition, we’ll work with you to determine the look and feel that works for your particular brand. We’ll even create your new logo.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a basic, functioning website that was customized for your brand and your specific business model. And if your business changes or grows, you’ll have the knowledge to change your website with it.


  • 12 Live Trainings
  • 6 Q&A Calls
  • 8 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 45 minute one-one-one phone or video call each month of the program (4 total)
  • My Online Business Launch timeline, which shows you WHAT you need to do and WHEN you need to do it whenever you launch a new program
  • Lesson-related videos
  • Customizable checklists and worksheets
  • Access to a private Facebook group of people working towards the same goals
  • Unlimited email support (response within 48 hours)

Website and Branding

  • Web design onboarding
  • Branding/design consultation
  • You provide copy, photos, etc. 
  • Follow-up and tutorial after you approve your site and it launches

"It's clear that Chris loves coaching."

"Working with Chris and Honesty Pill has been a great experience. It was clear right from the beginning that he is passionate about the success of his clients. He brings energy and positivity to every session; he’s the opposite of a "clock watcher." He is always looking for a way to bring more information to the table and be as helpful and available to you as he can. It's clear that Chris loves coaching."

Matt Richards

Accelerator Client, Co-Founder of "The Band Director's Survival Guide"

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