Honesty Pill

Is that a career or a straight-jacket?

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Is that a career or a straight-jacket?
Until I created Honesty Pill, I spent my whole professional life trying to check the right boxes. I needed the right instrument. I needed the right knowledge. I needed the right concert clothes. Most of all, I needed the right kind of artistry.
I’ve also been a freelancer, which is supposed to be more flexible. But you have to own a studio full of professional instruments. You have to spend hours in traffic to get to your different jobs. You have to be note-perfect on the first take. You have to show up at the drop of a hat. And you don’t get a salary or benefits.
It was not my idea of artistic freedom.
Musicians have been suffocating for years.
It’s time to breathe some life into this business model.
In case it’s not obvious, I love chatting with musicians to brainstorm ideas for the future. Whether or not you’ve got an idea to discuss, I’d love to chat with you.
I’m happy to announce that I’m opening my personal schedule to you over the next two weeks.
I am offering an open invitation for a 30-45 minute coaching call to anyone who has ideas, questions, or just wants to talk about where they are at in their musical lives right now––no strings attached.
Whether you have a “fancy job” or are a freelancer, I have questions for you. 
You can check my schedule right here:
Already have an idea for a business? Then I REALLY want to talk to you.
P.S. I love my job in the LA Phil and the success I’ve enjoyed. But even when things were “normal,” there weren’t enough musicians with secure, fulfilling work. Let’s open the doors, let in some fresh air, and discover some new possibilities.
Chris @ Honesty Pill

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