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How many mock auditions is “enough”?

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How many mock auditions is “enough”?

The best audition advice I’ve ever gotten? Take as many MOCK AUDITIONS as you possibly can. #practicetiptuesday 
Walking on stage for an audition without taking a ton of mock auditions first, is like trying to fly a plane without having ever set foot in a flight simulator. It’s a bad idea. 
The question is, how many mock auditions is enough?

One? Two? Three?

What if I told you five was the magic number…per day. Yup. You read that right. Five mocks every single day in the weeks leading up to your audition. They don’t have to be elaborate (although some of them should be), they just need to get you in front of a recorder five times every day, so you can measure your performance under pressure.

When it comes right down to it, being able to perform at your best for 10 minutes at a time is really what auditioning is all about anyway, so why not do that as many times a day as you possibly can?

Getting the most out of a mock audition is a complicated topic, but I want you to start considering the fact that you’re probably not doing nearly enough deliberate practice in this area as you need, to feel comfortable on stage during the insanity that is an orchestra audition.

ACTION ITEM: Here’s my challenge for you––get yourself in front of a recorder today, and play five excerpts. Even if it’s just into your iPhone. Do it today.


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