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How Do You Find the Motivation to Practice?

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Confession time––I have had a really hard time getting motivated to practice during this insane year.
I mean, how many hours of maintenance drills can I possibly do with no upcoming performances to get inspired?And finding JOY in my practice?
Like anything that requires patience, dedication and consistency, having someone to hold you accountable is an EXTREMELY valuable thing. 

So here’s my plan––I’m digging into a brand new 16-Week Practizma Practice Journal routine––thank you Susanna Klein for the awesome gift!

*Note––this is post is not sponsored in anyway. This is something I actually want to share with you.

From the journal: “16 weeks of efficiency, empowerment & joy for musicians.

  • Going it alone is hard. Being part of a community is empowering
  • Problem solving is a creative endeavor, not a workhorse endeavor
  • The best musicians listen with the fastest ears. Recording ourselves speeds our ears up by 10X

This type of wisdom, structure and practice tips go on for pages and pages. Yes please, and thank you! 

Huge thanks to Susanna for throwing down the gauntlet for my next 16 weeks of practice––I will use this journal every day! I highly recommend it for anyone else wanting to rededicate to meaningful practice time! Check it out here.
How about you? Need some accountability? Hop on the Honesty Pill newsfeed and get a dose of inspiration delivered right to your inbox right here:
Happy practicing everybody! 
Chris @ Honesty Pill
P.S. If you want to order a copy of Susanna’s outstanding practice journal, you can find it right here.

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