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Generalism is “out”. Online, everything is specific.

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Generalism is “out”. Online, everything is specific.
Go granular! In an online universe, you have to be really, really specific about what you do and who you’re trying to reach. The more general you are, the less ANYONE cares. The way to connect with your audience is to GET SPECIFIC.
Here’s an example.
Instead of saying, “I teach violin”, make it clear that you “focus on pre-college students working on concertos for the first time,” or whatever is your area of expertise.
Don’t worry that being specific will limit your appeal. Think of it as calling in the PERFECT clients, students, or audience for your brand of genius. #storylinesystem
Now it’s your turn! 
Take a look at your social media feed, sent emails, or promotional materials. Can you go granular? Is your message specific? 
If not, give it a quick re-write and see if you can CLARIFY your message.
Good luck!
Chris @ Honesty Pill

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