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Can You Hear Me Now?

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Is it a Megaphone Choir? A Bevy of Bullhorns? An Assembly of Amplifiers?
But seriously…what the heck is this stuff doing backstage at Walt Disney Concert Hall?
One of the things I love about my orchestra is the willingness to take chances. To try something completely new that no one has ever done before.
Like these bizarre contraptions. Designed for a new music project, these megaphones amplified the voice of three soloists in a way that only a forward thinking, risk taking composer would dream up.
And best of all, it got programed at the LA Phil. To sell tickets. For money.
The reason I bring it up, is the unexpected payoff that can come from being brave enough to try something different. To experiment. To step out of your comfort zone. (And I mean on AND off the stage.)
So how about you? Are you ready to embrace your inner musical maverick?
You might as well––there has never been a better time to experiment and try something new than during a global pandemic.
I believe in this so much that I am opening my personal schedule to you over the next two weeks. I am offering an open invitation for a 30-45 minute coaching call to anyone who has ideas, questions, or just wants to talk about where they are at in their musical lives right now––no strings attached.
You can schedule a call using this link right here.
What does your experiment look like? Let’s connect and figure it out together.
Chris @ Honesty Pill
P.S. This link will expire in two weeks, so schedule your call before it’s gone.

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