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Can I suggest something radical?

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Can I suggest something radical?

At some point in time, you will look back on this period in your life and instead of complaining and feeling frustrated, you will feel gratitude.

Gratitude because you will understand that the challenges 2020 presented to you generated a hunger that resulted in you taking action. Taking a big leap. Doing something that surprised you.

Gratitude because you will have achieved something that would NEVER have existed without the upheaval of a global pandemic.

I want to know what that thing is for you. My opinion is that the bigger the obstacle, the bigger the possibility.

I believe in this so much that I am opening my personal schedule to you over the next two weeks. I am offering an open invitation for a 30-45 minute coaching call to anyone who has ideas, questions, or just wants to talk about where they are at in their musical lives right now––no strings attached.


What does your leap look like? Let’s connect and figure it out together.

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