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How Do You Find the Motivation to Practice?

Confession time––I have had a really hard time getting motivated to practice during this insane year.  I mean, how many hours of maintenance drills can I possibly do with no upcoming performances to get inspired?And finding JOY in my practice?  Fuhgeddaboudit. Like anything that requires patience, dedication and consistency, having someone to hold you accountable is an EXTREMELY valuable thing.  So

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Generalism is “out”. Online, everything is specific.

Generalism is “out”. Online, everything is specific. Go granular! In an online universe, you have to be really, really specific about what you do and who you’re trying to reach. The more general you are, the less ANYONE cares. The way to connect with your audience is to GET SPECIFIC. Here’s an example. Instead of saying, “I teach violin”, make it clear that

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Why Does Branding Matter?

What does Honesty Pill Coaching have in common with the Lardon Bacon Truck? And why does branding matter?  Let’s find out… Let’s say you have a business that specializes in infusing just about EVERYTHING they serve with…bacon. Bacon pancakes with bacon bourbon maple syrup brioche French toast sandwiches with slices of bacon and something they call “The Baco”, a ball of potatoes

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